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Hey.  This is Ben. Here are some reviews from the last two years.  I was only doing 4 hands with a partner during that time.  These are those reviews.  Back to solo now.  My solo reviews can be found on MassageM4M.  Hope to see you soon.

July 21, 2014I was a first timer at this and was VERY nervous to say the least. From the moment I walked in, these guys made me feel very comfortable. Both were strikingly handsome and had amazing bodies. The massage was for 60 minutes just as promised. They gave me a very comforting massage and assured me that everything was going to be just fine. When I let, I was very certain that I would return again in the future. By the way, their pictures do not do them any justice. These guys are amazing in person. Male massage review by Al (1 review)

June 15, 2014I was visiting California for a wedding and decided to treat myself to a massage before days of being otherwise occupied. Ben & Brent were easy to get in touch with and their place was very comfortable and inviting and immediately put me at ease after a long flight from the east coast. First of all, they were both unbelievably sexy and their photos were completely accurate. Second, after a shower I got on their massage table and their skills were great. I'd never had a 4-handed massage before, and it was an awesome experience to have multiple parts of my body worked at the same time, and they worked very well together. Their massage skills were great, and they were very generous with allowing for mutual touching - a fantastic blend of massage and erotic techniques. Also, they were engaging to talk to after the massage, and really down to earth nice guys, always refreshing considering how damn hot they are. I never felt rushed, and they were kind enough to direct me to a place to eat in their neighborhood. I'd 100% go back to them again the next time I'm in LA or if they were in my city. Worth every penny. Male massage review by Nick (1 review)

February 06, 2014I scheduled an appointment with Ben and Brent during a visit to Palm Springs. Both men are friendly, warm and engaging. Their touch is strong and comfortable, and within minutes of being on their table, I felt very relaxed. Both guys are built big and their pictures barely do them justice. They are truly beautiful. The entire 60 minutes on the table was great and we chatted briefly afterwards. If you are looking for a treat for the body (and eyes), book an appointment with these men! Male massage review by Phil (1 review)

January 11, 2014The. Best. Massage. Ever. I've been getting massages for years, and I know what to expect when you're doing it right. Ben and Brent are doing it right. Ben answered the phone right away and was most accommodating, although he had to clear a time with Brent. He gives good phone. The apartment is in the middle of WeHo, and it is perfectly set up as a massage studio. Everything is immaculately clean. And then Brent and Ben get their clothes off - they should never wear clothes in the first place - and get those four big hands on you. They work in amazing synch, and they both have the same firm touch. And yes, they are "2 Big Hot Sexy Fun XL Guys." Yes, it is possible to be both sexy and fun, and wouldn't it be great if there were more men like that? There was no clock-watching here, and there was no hurry to get me off the table. I felt great the whole time, and I felt great afterwards. I'm going back for more! Male massage review by Pat (3 reviews)

November 05, 2013I have never had a 4 hand experience and these guys were amazing and way exceeded my expectations. My whole body feels so blissed out after they worked out every knot in every muscle in my body. They are both incredibly sexy and sweet and put me at ease immediately. I will definitely be back! Male massage review by CMH (3 reviews

October 12, 201330 minutes of sublimity! My schedule forced me to have a late appointment on a work night so I opted for a 30 minute session. They were none too happy to oblige.This was my 2nd appt. with the two of them, and with how warm and welcoming they were you would've thought it was the 10th. To have these two oh so handsome- and then some- gentlemen work me over simultaneously is simply off the charts and has to be, by far, one of the supreme M2M experiences to be found here in LA. They're also quite funny and a lot of fun. Male massage review by Robert (3 reviews) 

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